Can you put the ball in the bucket?

(g = 10 m/s2)

Code 1: Code 2:



Max x position:
Max y position:
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Test Code 1: ABCD Test Code2: EFGH

This is a very simple exercise in projectile motion. Each launch code is associated with an unknown (to the student) initial speed, and a known launch angle. When the first launch code is entered, the program will shoot the projectile straight up at that unknown speed. Students use the data from this flight to determine that unknown speed.

Once students have figured out the projectile's speed, they use it to figure out how far away their projectile will land when launched—with the same speed—at the angle shown on the screen. If they type their calculated distance into the Range field, the program will put a bucket at their predicted landing spot. When they are ready, you can give them the second code.

If you want to assess their results, you can scale from the radius of the bucket and the diameter of the projectile. They are both 9 meters.

Some details:  Correctly entered codes will turn green. It doesn't matter whether they are entered as upper or lower case. The codes are a pair, so a second code will only work when paired with the correct first code.

Teachers can send email to doc at this website ( to receive the full list of 60 code pairs. Please either use your school email address, or provide some other way to verify that you are in fact a teacher.


Projectile Challenge v2.00

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